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Tracking down new leads

Finding time to tweet, post, email and update can be challenging for any business owner, especially Publicans.

But marketing your business through digital media is imperative if you are going to attract new customers.

More importantly your customers, with whom you have already built a relationship, can help to promote you on their networks, sharing their experiences with others.


In the hospitality industry social media is increasing playing an important part in the relationships customers have with businesses, who they choose to use and what they tell their friends.


But my customers aren’t on social media I hear you say? Are you sure??

50+ is the fastest growing demographic and don’t forget 18-24 year olds are your future customers. They don't remember life before the Internet and use it as part of their day-to-day lives.


So now is the time to get your social media plan together. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, should be your focus but more importantly email newsletters. They are still the most successful form of digital marketing BUT, you need to send them regularly and they need to be interesting otherwise customers will unsubscribe.


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Take a look at this 10 minute video for a full explanation of what Social Sleuth can do for your business.   


With such an abundance of information available, attention is scarce. I will work with you to ensure the messages sent out are relevant to your customers.

Networking every hour of every day!
Networking every hour of every day!

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